Video Session in the Shop

Introduction Video to Cask Woodworking

I’ve been wanting for sometime to get some decent video of me in the shop and perhaps a little interview of who I am and why I do what I do. I was approached by Raoul Bhatt who I’ve known in the Edmonton IT Community for a few years, approached me as he’s looking to add more video to his portfolio. I was happy to oblige and what I got in return was pretty awesome. I was surprised at how well the footage turned out as Raoul filmed it with little light and the dramatic aspect really turned out so good. Have a see for yourself…

An introduction Cask Woodworking. Video shot by Raoul Bhatt

Supporting Local

This was such a great partnership with Raoul and really is a great example of two local businesses supporting each other in their growth. I’ve always been a big supporter of local business and supporting the local guys when possible over the bigger corporations that are less flexible. If you have the time, go check out Raoul’s Instagram page, I’ll provide a link through the image below.