CNC Collaboration

Can’t do Everything Yourself

Walnut Circular Tray Profile.jpeg

I was recently commissioned to create a circular serving tray, something like this from Crate and Barrel, however, make it out of Walnut and larger with a 24” diameter. I thought I might do this with a router jig and cut it but figured it would turn out better if I could cut it with a CNC. he only problem is I don’t have a CNC machine yet; something I’m looking to get later in 2019. I do know a few makers in the Edmonton community that have CNC’s and have helped me previously, however, they needed to have a 24” cutting capacity and that narrows it down considerably.

Kris Crawford of Mortgage and Mitre is one of a few people I know with that has that capacity and he was happy to help. I was able to get a quote from him on the job and passed that along to the client and the result was better than I could have hoped for. Kris spent likely more time than originally thought because he wanted to make sure it was done to high standards, and he did not disappoint.

Helpful Community

What I really want to highlight here is that the maker community is one of the most helpful and considerate communities I’ve ever been part of. Kris has his own business, has his own clients, yet he was able to take me on as a client so to speak, and help me out with this circular tray. The result was amazing and exactly what I have envisioned. That is exactly what the maker community is all about and I’m so thankful to be surrounded by people like Kris who are always there to give a helping hand.

I do have to give a secondary shout out to Steve over at BluelineWoodwork who has also helped me on some CNC items as well. Again another great example of someone who supports this amazing community.

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