Starbond CA Glue - The Secret to Filling Knots

Starbond CA Glue

I’ve been a long time supporter of using Epoxy to fill knots in wood, it’s worked quite well but the process is SLOW. Back in 2018, Starbond sent me some CA glue to test out and see how it would compare. Without question it’s a game changer for those smaller knots, cracks and voids. Within minutes you are done and ready to move onto the next stage in your product. While this is not a sponsored post or video below, it’s just a great product that has become part of my knot filling process.

For those interested in giving it a try, head over to the following link - Starbond CA Glue and enter in discount code: CWW10 to get 10% OFF your next order.

Check out the quick video below on how it all comes together.